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Sabie Stereo is an internet-based radio station in South Africa. Moving away from frequency radio because of limited range. We have been successful not only in South Africa but in 200 countries abroad with 4 839 640 IP addresses tuned daily. Given our daily listener incline we are confident that our reach will expand very soon. We are taking full advantage of social media, this resource not being unknown to us we plan to expand as much as possible. Starting with our web page, TikTok, Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Viber and WhatsApp. We plan to cover more social media platforms soon.

Having the ability to reach people across the globe we can promote our local market and expand our influence. Thereby also having created a platform for upcoming South African and international Artists to spread their wings and help get their music out there.

We are very community focused trying to be involved as far as possible and would like to do more as soon as we are financially able. In our starting weeks we have received nothing but good graces from our listeners and would like to be able to create this community focus across South African communities and abroad.

The Sabie Stereo Main studio is based in Mount Anderson, Sabie, Mpumalanga and our sub studios in:

Mpumalanga: Nelspruit (Mbombela)

Gauteng: Pretoria (Tswane) and Springs (JHB)

Western Cape: Goodwood

Namibia: Windhoek


A summary of our current performance:

Currently we have 4,8 Million + I.P addresses tuned in daily.

We have gathered listeners in 200 countries, more soon to follow.

Our listeners by percentage:

72% reside in South Africa

22% reside in an Unknown country (this being a result of a hidden VPN)

6% reside in the Following Countries;

USA, UK, Belgium, China, Greece, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, India, Ireland, Malaysia, Russian Federation, Sweden, Vietnam, Turkey and many more.